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Stop your addiction or habit with hypnotherapy

Our hypnotherapy sessions work very well to allow you to break your habit/addiction. We can work with you on an instinctive level to allow you to feel differently about what it is that you have been hooked on and to help ensure that any currently unmet basic needs are adequatly met in order that the habit/addiction cannot be kept in place.

Human beings are very habitual creatures by nature. This means that we are able to learn to speak, to read, to operate our computers and DVD players and essentially to master new skills.

'Bad' habits can also develop when behaviours become glued to situations, feelings and circumstances which then lead to unwanted consequences.

For survival purposes, dopamine and endorphines (chemicals in the brain) are released like a reward system encouraging us to thrive and to achieve more. Addictitive behaviours can hijack this reward system in a way which does nothing to assist with our survival.

Some of the more common habits that people want to stop which can be broken with hypnotherapy include:

  • shopping
  • work
  • sex
  • eating
  • nail biting
  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • gambling
  • internet
  • chocolate
  • caffeine
  • skin picking.


Hypnotherapy scientific evidence

Research shows that there is more
scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy….by using hypnosis, people can perform prodigious feats of will-power and self-healing"

– Health Education Authority


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