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Give up smoking instinctively and naturally with Zing Therapy in Birmingham.

quit smoking

Stop Smokingin Birmingham

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Most people will have an instinctive idea about what will happen if they continue to allow cigarettes to control them and to destroy their health. Booking a session of hypnotherapy with Zing Therapy and Development can allow you to stop smoking easily. Your body can then immediately begin the healing process without the need for any gum or patches.

One major reason for why hypnotherapy is so effective is that it takes into account one thing which other methods do not - the unconscious mind. Our stop smoking hypnotherapy can give you complete freedom from cigarettes by working with your unconscious mind to ensure that there is no desire for cigarettes after you have given up.

A smoker who hasn't had a cigarette for a length of time but still continually thinks about smoking and the desire for a cigarette is still really a smoker in mind. A true non-smoker is someone who does not smoke and also no longer desires to smoke either. Our hypnotherapy session can help you become a true non-smoker.

Continued smoking will have created unhelpful unconscious patterns by linking smoking to different events and behaviours and you may have experienced just picking up those cigarettes without really thinking about it. Our hypnotherapy can replace these unhelpful unconscious patterns with new and more helpful and instinctive unconscious learnings and patterns which will give you the power to stop the cigarettes from tricking you into going back to them.

Most people are able to give up smoking in just one session of hypnotherapy. Once people have given up with this method it is common for them to wonder why they hadn't tried hypnotherapy years ago.

You can become one of many people who are enjoying the many benefits of being a non-smoker right now. When you book a smoking cessation session you can regain control over your health.


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Why stop smoking hypnotherapy works. mp3) 

Hypnotherapy scientific evidence

'Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.'
(New Scientist vol 136, issue 1845, Oct 31 1992)

Research shows that there is more
scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy….by using hypnosis, people can perform prodigious feats of will-power and self-healing"

– Health Education Authority

A study conducted in the University of Iowa by Frank Schmidt and research student Chockalingam Viswesvaran, reviewed a group of 72,000 smokers worldwide, who were in the process of quitting. Their study found that the positive results of Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking were DOUBLE that of any other method.


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